The King

This commission, a portrait of Charles IV. was a project I worked a long time on. After studying the life of the man, including anthropological studies of his character and appearance, and contemporary depictions, I decided to depict him in the act of prayer. My aim was that we could see in his portrait his wounds, his rough life experiences and his bravery to undertake heavy and major political decisions. At the same time, the experience of  a man who has risen his whole life beyond the miseries of this world, to turn, in solitary dedication, to God. Some time after beginning work on this piece, I realised that I was not capable (with a mere guess as to his true likeness) of capturing much of that I have described. I realised I needed an adequate model, who with their experience and knowledge, could in some way resemble Charles. Soon after I happened to make the acquaintance of professor Tomas Halik, who generously agreed to try to "capture the mental state of the emperor", and pose for some photographs which I used as aids.


Sorouce: Anna Šolcová
2015 A-crystal, slices of metal, 42/60/34 cm / 2015, A-crystal, plátkový kov, 42/60/34 cm : Sorouce: Anna Šolcová